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Blase S. Scarnati
1935 - 2007


For pictures and description of the One Final Gather 'Round click here.

Information on Musicians' Concert Band "A Tribute and Celebration for to Blase 'S' Scarnati" held June 12, 2008
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October 5, 2002
October 6, 2001
September 23, 2000
October 3, 1998
September 28, 1996

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In 1972 Mr. S. had the Band perform and it was recorded in Miller Auditorium.

This is a photo of the album cover.
Click for larger image.

We have been trying for some time to finally get a copy of the 19 songs up as mp3 files so those of use from 1972 could enjoy and remember but there are songs there many have played over the years such as Suite Judy Blue Eyes and the Alma Mater and the Fight Song.


The songs are in the order they appear on the album and are "spelled" as they appeared!

Nice to be with you


Beautiful Sunday


American Pie

Eli's Coming


Black and White


Saturday in the Park

Impossible Dream

McArthur Park

Overture from Tommy

SRSC Alma Mater

SRSC Fight Song

Star Spangled Banner


East Water Street

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes


Dear Marching Pride and Rockets Alumni,

We have not heard anything recently about any reunions of the Marching Rockets/Pride at Homecoming but we do know each year that there is at least a small contingent of band members who gather.  So, if you get a chance at least stop by the alumni tent and ask!  Or, better yet, let me know and I am happy to post it here.

I do know that someone I always considered a close friend, Sandi Wickerham (Novak) a former Rocklette Captain is local and attends.  She may know more. 

I get updates from time to time for the database but if you check your record and it is no longer correct please let me know.

I am still designing web sites and also working with an energy company so it keeps me busy but there is always time to help out here!

P.S.  I noticed a couple of glitches with the music and .pdf files and those have been fixed and are working again so you can enjoy them once more.

Kevin Krepinevich '76


Slippery Rock University Marching Rockets AlumniIf you remember Slippery Rock State College ....New Cafe...Hi Rise II ... MacArthur Park... 8 to five.. The Michigan Trip... Pep Rallies...Cooper Street Apartments... TTR FM8 LP8 RP8 TTR MT8 FM8 ... Joe R. ...You have it in your blood! 

And you know what it is!  

We may be getting started a little early but we thought it the best way to get a head start on what should be a great time!

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The Slippery Rock Marching Rockets and Pride Alumni have been involved in at least six reunion meetings on Campus. 

The 2002 Reunion was as "expected" both fun and as unexpected.......NOT WET!

Of course this was a special year. 


The Marching Band field was dedicated FOREVER as the
Blase S. Scarnati Marching Band Field.

Mr. S. sent us a special message he asked us to share.   So in his own words:

Dear Kevin:

There are just too many thank you's to write and send to various individuals, so I thought something over our web site would do the trick. Could you send the following:

October 9, 2002

Dear Marching Rockets,    

I wish to thank everyone for the warmth, love and friendship that was displayed for the field dedication and the roast. Never have I felt so  honored in all my career. Those that did not attend really missed an event  that will never be duplicated, just remembered. I felt like I was on a roller  coaster the entire day. What fun!

You are a proud bunch of individuals and I hope you continue to come back for  Homecoming. It only takes one person to call another person who calls another person and before you know it you have a gathering of all of your old Marching friends. You had something great. Don't throw it away.

I will be forever thankful for the field dedication. As one person said, "It is good to know someone that has something named for them before they die". I hope to be around for a long time with the good Lord willing. Remember to "Shine Like New Money" and I hope to see everyone for Homecoming 2003.

Love ya all,


Check this out this PDF file from the Spring 2001 issue of the Alumni Association Magazine!!!

Contact Info:

Ms. Mary Scarnati

April - Mid-October
226 W. Water Street
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
(P): 724-794-8891
Mid-October - April 
Viewpoint Resort
8700 E University Drive #558
Mesa, AZ 85207

Jim Berry

341 Central Dr.
Cranberry Twp., PA 16066
(P) 724-738-2436


Mike Formeck
Mike Formeck

253 W. Water Street
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
(P): 724-794-5856


Stephen Hawk

Associate professor of music at SRU

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Slippery Rock University Marching Rockets AlumniIf you remember the mud, the heat, the cold mouth pieces, "Suite Judy" or your bloody knuckles from playing... boom-boom-chick - boom-boom-chick, the sweat, "gather round" and many more memories, send us your pictures and memories and let us know where you are!

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