Slippery Rock University Marching Rockets Alumni

As alumni respond on the form, we will add the names and information here so you too can find old friends and re-establish contact. 

If you know information about anyone, go to the form and let us know how they can be reached!

If we missed something about you let us know again - we didn't get some of the original emails!

To quickly check for a someone enter what you know.  Just a couple quick reminders:

In order to prevent "pirating" the list or for "spam" , we think it is not a good idea to have a place for everyone to be listed so the closest we come is a list by year.

Enter years as two digits.  For instance, 1976 would be 76 and 1996 would be 96.

  • Everybody's spelling is not perfect!  So if you are not sure - feel free to just type the first few letters of a name and all names that start with those letters will appear.  You can just type one letter in a field and all names that start with that letter will appear in alphabetical order.
  • The more you know the fewer responses you will receive.  For instance if you just enter PA in the state field you will probably get many responses.  If you enter Butler in the City field and PA in the state field you will get fewer and so on.
  • Enter only Last Name in Last Name or Maiden Name field. 
  • Enter States with their two character abbreviation.  For instance PA, VA , NJ.
  • The list will display responses in groups of 10.
  • The information presented is all of the information currently available. - If your information is not correct please click here and complete an update form!

Help us expand this database.

Thank you


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