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  • We hope to have some fun here. If you have photos (and descriptions), we will be posting them here on the site.  Information on how to provide this information is listed. We will also post highlights of reunions here as well.
  • Relive some familiar information from the National Service Center Archives. - Like past presidents when they were young and good looking! Click here.


Mrs. Leona Sowell (Henry Giessenbier widow)  

President Dwight Eisenhower
and Horace "Hunk" Henderson
at the USJCC Convention in Minneapolis in 1953.
2004 Crew Reunion Thanks to Mate Kim Newlin for the photos.
If you can help fill in the blanks (descriptions) email me at
Mates Mary Sawyer, Sydney Ward, and Chris Reese Mates AJ Morton & Tom Donnley Talk at Breakfast

Connie Creekmore, Exec Secreatry and Mate John Shiroma, EVP, USJCC
Mates Bob Lindholm, John Shiroma, & Jack Pasquale Mate Chris Reese, 1999 President of USJCC & Date (also a Jaycee) from Conway,
Mate John Ngyren & wife Maggie
Mate John Shiroma talks w/Mates Wayne Gentry, Wayne Field & _______

Mate Bill Robertson who founded Camp Virginia Jaycee & State Dept. Ambassador to Africa Mate Kevin Krepinevich & Annie McDougall talks with USJCC Staff Member Bob Guest
Mate Bill Robertson and Mate John Price, 2003/04 President of the US JCI Senate at Cocktail Reception Dedication of new USJCC Buildingin Tulsa, OK
Mates T.Bubba (J. Teryl Bechtol, 1978/79 President of the USJCC & Mate John Shiroma, EVP, USJCC


Mate Bob Lindholm, Keeper of the Log at the US Jaycee Foundation Memorial
in new USJCC Archives dedication in Tulsa
Mate Wayne Field and Mate Bob Lindholm beside CREW's memorial in USJCC Archives
Mates Picture in CREW's Memorial in USJCC Archives Mates Picture in CREW's Memorial in USJCC Archives
Mate John Armbruster. Founder of the USJCC and
CREW, First Keeper of the LOG
Mate John Price, Current President of the US JCI Senate at the US JCI Senate memorial in USJCC Archives dedication, Tulsa, OK-March 13, 2004
Jack Pasquale, John Price, Ed Hart, Joe Souza, and Newton
Mates Jack Pasquale, Chuck Fries, Maxine Wallish, and John Price
Joe Souza, Wayne Gentry, and Ed Hart
Mates Tarsha (Bubblious) and T.Bubba, (J. Teryl Bechtol) Past President USJCC, 1979/80
Group Photo of the Current and Past 15 Presidents of the USJCC who attend the 68th CREW Reunion in Tulsa, OK, March 13, 2004
Mate Mike Harris, ________& Spouse
Mates Joe Souza, John Price, Mike Harris & ________
Mates Maxine Wallish, Chuck Fries, & Pete Baldwin
Mate Kevin Krepinevich, Annie McDougall, Ken Zimmerman & wife

Mates _________, Tarsha Bechtol, J. Teryl Bechtol, Kevin Krepinevich
Mates T. Bubba Bechtol, Sydney Ward, Gary Tompkins, Chris Reese and Kevin
Mate Mike Faller and Bob Lindholm Mate Roger Ford and Bob Lindholm
Ed Hart, Daryl & Karen Watts, & Mike Sawyer Mates Mike Sawyer, Maxine Wallish, Chuck Fries, and Newton
Mate T. Bubba Bechtol, Andy Andres, & Charles
Mates _____, Jack Pasquale, John Price, and Wayne Field Mates Patrick Knight and T.Bubba Bechtol Mates Sam Winer, Tom & Chris Donnley, & Bob Lindholm
Mates -----, Gret

Mate ______& Pete
Mate Lon Fox,
President USJCC 2004

Andy Andrews
Mates ______& Jack Pasquale
Mate Bob Goetz signs in to 68th Annual CREW Reunion while Mates Lois and Bob Lindholm, Keeper of the LOG look on
Joe Souza and Ed Hart-
68th Annual Crew Reunion Committee in Tulsa, OK-March 14, 2004 Group Photo of the Current and Past 15 Presidents of the USJCC who attend the 68th CREW Reunion in Tulsa, OK, March 13, 2004
Mates Cur Legal Counsel, Cur NVP _____, and Mike Faller Mate Daryl Watts and Sponse at USJCC Reception in Tulsa, OK on March 13, 2004 for dedication of new USJCC Building
Mate Pete Baldwin &
Mate Gordon Thomas and Gary Tompkins

Mate Bob Lincholm and Gord Lowry from Canadian CREW 68th Annual Crew
Reunion Committee in Tulsa, OK-March 14,2004
1975 Crew Reunion        

Durwood and Maxine Howe with Andy and Charlotte Munganast Charlotte and Andy Munganast with Russ and Ruth Stocksdale

Ruth and Russ Stocksdale with Jean and Wendell Ford
Left to Right, Virginia Crew members Jim Wagonbach, unidentified woman, Gene Kokinski, Jeff Davis, Dickie Taylor, and Dennis Kuhnemund
Lois and Bob Lindholm with Charlie Kothe and his wife the year Charlie hosted the Crew Reunion in Tulsa, OK.

Andy Munganast speaking at the 1975 Crew reunion


Mark Mathews and wife standing with Charlotte Munganast seated  Lillian Brownfield and Lois Lindholm  Unindentified couple with John Armbruster 


John Armbruster and Joe dolan  Unidentified Unidentified

Maxine and Durward Howe  Durward Howe, nicki Shearer, and Mark Mathews


Mark Mathews and wife standing, Chuck Shearer and Charlotte Munganast seated 

Charlotte Munganast, Leona (Giessenbier) Soell, Joe Dolan, and Lillian Brownfield         


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